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  1. Do you want to discover the little-known psychological switches that can easily get any woman attracted to you?
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  2. Do you want to learn exactly how to successfully open a conversation with a beautiful woman, and, even more importantly, what to say after “Hello”?
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  3. Do you want to know the killer method for getting the phone number of the hottest girl in the room and get your friends to envy you?
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  4. Do you want to exponentially increase the number of women you date even if you're not better looking or richer than other guys ?
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  5. Do you want to instantly kill that dreadful fear of approach that keeps 9 out of 10 men from talking to beautiful women?
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If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, the good news is this:

You can easily achieve all these things you want with the specialized knowledge on women that I’m about to reveal in this article.

I couldn't be happier guys!
I'm with a girl who let's just say I've had my eye on for a long time but putting the things that I've learned in this book into practice I've finally been able to get her!

United Kingdom

Whether you're a college freshman or a divorced man, in your 20s or your 40s, retail worker or lawyer this article will literally revolutionize your love life, your self esteem and even your life in general.

In the next 5 minutes, as you read every word of this article, you'll discover the right technique you should use to compel amazing women to see you as the attractive man they’re looking for -- and get 10 out of 10 women you approach on a date with you.  You'll learn the fascinating attraction switches that women already have hardwired into their brain and use them to your advantage to get any woman under your seductive spell.

You will also ...

  • learn why what most men know about women is very different from how women are really like, and why 99% of the men are missing the signs and how it’s costing them unforgettable dates and nights they ought to have
  • find out how to increase your attractiveness and then easily close the deal whether that means getting her digits or getting her back to your place
  • learn how to use psychological triggers without detection to get those beautiful women to comply with your commands
  • discover why some men get women lined up in a queue for a night with them while others barely “get lucky” from time to time. (You need to know this so that you can avoid settling for a drunk easy-pickup at the bar.)
It's just easy and fun to read
I literally read the entire thing in one sitting 'cause it's just really easy and fun to read. The whole time I just wanted to get out and start trying what I was learning!

Texas, USA

So what is this book all about?

You don't need to think about it too much, getting women is one of the most important skills that a man needs. So important that a father should teach his son these things, right? Unfortunately, not all of us have been so lucky...

Most men haven't learned how to say the words that appeal to women. They haven't figured out that women’s brain is wired in an entirely different way than ours is. It has it's own mindset, its own psychology, and even its own language. What works well when persuading a man does not necessarily work with a woman.

In fact, most men don't realize it but the game of seducing a woman can be broken down into logical steps that can be followed just like you follow a map.

The book gives you these steps. I guess you could say it's a system for getting women, but I like to think of it as a handbook that every man should read. A handbook that will give you all the skills you need to meet, attract and seduce beautiful women. All broken down into phases. All, in plain English.

Let's face it, you can't really put a price on getting this part of your life handled!
For the price that it is selling I really recommend that you get it because, let's face it, you can't really put a price on getting this area of your life handled


How to Get Women into Bed ebooks

* Special Offer available only until

Book Summary

This is the Most Complete Book on the Planet Where You Can Get This Information:

  • The real truth about women and how they actually expect men to be like. If you will read this alone you will dramatically change your perception not only on women but on life in general ! See Page 7 
  • The top 7 attraction switches that you must flip on into every woman’s mind. Yes, they have a list and you will be way ahead of the game if you will have most things on that list checked. This alone will significantly shorten the period of time you must spend until you get her into bed.
    See Page 13 
  • The best (and sometimes overlooked) places where you can meet gorgeous women. You will also find out the best approach strategies you should use for every location. See Page 15 
  • How to handle the approach. Concretely, what to do if she’s with another girl or if she’s in a group of people and how to deactivate their friends protection mode so they won’t stand in your way. See Page 21 
  • The proper body language you must have for a staggering first impression with solid details on things like body posture and voice tonality. This can sometimes represent 90% of the initial communication so you need to know how to get it right from the start. See Page 23 
  • How to effectively get the conversation started like a master pickup artist. You will get the exact wording, precisely what to say and what not to say, and examples of sizzling openers you must use so that women will look forward with anticipation to hear what you’ll be saying next. See Pages 26-33
  • How to cleverly take the conversation forward and transition from the the first few opening lines to the next step. Simply stated, by knowing what to say even after you open the conversation you will get incredibly confident and you will never have a moment of awkward silence again. See Pages 34-37 
  • How to read the signs. Thought the pickup she will help you with nonverbal signs as to what you’re doing is effective or not, so basically she will keep on track. It’s your job to recognize them so I will tell you exactly how to read these signs without exception.  See Pages 38-41 
  • The eye-opening psychological technique that will get the beautiful women drop their unapproachable shields. If you’ve never used it before you will wonder how you ever got along without it. It will intrigue the woman and make her want to win you over. See Page 42 
  • There is a move you can make that is almost never used by the men I’ve seen in action, but it’s so effective that she will give you her full attention and all the women in the room will see you in a flattering, better light. Simply replace whatever you’re doing with the move I'm going to give you -- and voila! Sit back and watch her trying to game you.  See Page 45 
  • How to smoothly trigger the attraction switches women already have hardwired into their brain. I’ll not only teach you what those triggers are but I’ll show you how to use those to make the women fall for you without any resistance. See Pages 47-53 
  • The crucial question you must ask her in each and every interaction not only for successfully getting the woman, but also for getting better with women in general. See Page 53 
  • How to seamlessly get her alone with you and how to make her feel that you two are having a genuine connection no matter the place.  See Pages 63  
  • Why at some point, jealousy makes wonders. This technique is so powerful that women get so motivated to be with you that they might actually get aggressive (in a good way, of course). I’ll teach the precise method that you can use to trigger this feeling.  See Page 67.
  • When, where and how to touch women. If you don't know how to touch them-- you are definitely leaving home alone. It is that crucial! Physical touch ignites and amplifies their sexual desire and sets the frame for your relationship. See Page 75  
  • How to kiss her and, more importantly, how to know when is the right time to kiss her. Furthermore, I will teach you how to create an intense sexual tension using your kiss that will make her agonizingly beg for it. See Page 79 
  • The most effective method for getting a woman's phone number -- the real phone number, without failure, each and every time you ask for it. This will not only get you loads of phone numbers, but will also defeat any chance of her having second thoughts about going out with you on a date. See Page 81 
  • How to talk to her on the phone and forge ahead without losing the connection you’ve built until this point. This will cover essential things like when you should call her, what to talk about and for how long. See Page 85 
  • Places where you can take her on a date. Fun, engaging and inexpensive places where you can go to in order to avoid the interview style date. I will also tell you how to make the date an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. See Page 88 
  • How to smoothly “close the deal” without triggering any resistance or skepticism from her part. Although we all want strong, open minded women that enjoy having sex without worrying about what will happen next, very few are like that so many hold back sex as their last control weapon. Not to worry though, in this book there is a way you can get past that too. See Page 96  

The above is just an abbreviated list of the heavy-duty content assembled in How to Get Women into Bed.  After all, the book contains the exact same power-packed material from my 6-week One on One Seduction Mastery Course that others have paid $997 to attend!

How to Get Women into Bed ebooks

* Special Offer available only until

What people are saying

Now I know what I’m doing
I'm now having more women then when I was 20 years old! I hardly believed it at first but your technique works like crazy. I am now very confident, I can meet any woman I like, mainly because now I know what I’m doing and where I’m going with what I 'm saying to them. Getting a women into bed finally became easy!
Kim Räty
Tampere, Finland

This stuff should be taught in schools to young boys
I think that your guide is excellent. It’s simply the best “how to” book I ever read! This stuff should be taught in schools to young boys. It’s that life changing!
Grégoire Grandbois
Montgeron, France 

Once I started reading, it made perfect sense
I have to admit that at first I was skeptical. I've spent a lot of money and energy on reading a lot of how-to guides on this subject so another one was not on my priority list. But because this one wasn't too expensive, I gave it a go.
  Once I started reading „How to get women into bed it” it all made perfect sense. What I love about it is that unlike those thick, theoretical and unpractical books this one has a logical pattern that you can understand and follow.
     The chapters gradually move you along the interaction and Marcus gives you the precious steps and all the information you need so it doesn't seem like rocket science!

     I actually like to copy it on my iPhone and take a sneak peak when I get stuck or I don’t know what to say next. The funny thing is that the girls think I'm just checking my calls... I just love it!
Darren C.
Orlando, FL, USA

It was like magic!
I just want to thank you for this wonderful book! I’ve been going out for the last 3 months now following the plan shown in the book and I’m actually enjoying this!
     At first, I was afraid to talk to a woman because I just couldn’t face the rejection. I used to stay at the bar and try to look „cool” all night but as you might know that’s simply useless. Once I got out there and faced my fears, this time armed with the right words and attitude, I simply became a chick magnet. And don’t think that I’m a supermodel with just a small shyness problem. No! I’m just your Average Joe...
    It was like magic! All of the sudden women were smiling and giving me all the signals, (which by the way I really couldn’t see before I read this guide) and before you know it I end up getting their phone number! Now I only have one problem with this guide: It doesn’t tell me which woman to take out this weekend! :)
Eric M.
Atlanta, GA USA

I couldn't even talk to a girl like her before I
read this
After reading your book my perspective on women changed dramatically and not long after that I met Sarah. She’s beautiful, charming, fun, affectionate, naughty and yes, my bride to be! I couldn’t even talk to a girl like her before I read this!

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

You’ve made it so much easier
You've made it so much easier than anything else I've seen. My friends were making fun of me before, but now are totally amazed by what I can do. I get good-looking dates now almost every time I want to. Maybe I will teach them too someday, after I get my payback of course! :)

Nathan Holroyd

Sydney, Australia 

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It has a little more than 100 pages so it's an easy to read book, you can finish it in a Sunday afternoon, however it is full of condensed, useful and practical knowledge for all men.

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How to Get Women into Bed ebooks

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It worked, obviously!
I would definitely recommend this book to any guy who's having some trouble picking up women. It's really a great book

Becky Ann
California, USA


First of all, you will love this book so much that you won't need the guarantee! For the last 2 years since I started selling this guide I did not have not even one refund request. I only ask one thing from you: that you do what the book says! You can't succeed if you don't try...

However, if for any reason at all it doesn't work for you, I don't want your money. Simply e-mail me within 60 days and I will refund the full amount.

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